One day of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

Antwerp’s one and only convention for Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror-related computer & board games, costumes, toys, collectables, comics, literature, movies and other media. Coming to town again for its 5th edition! Join us for a day of showcases, interviews, lectures, autographs, demo-sessions, tournaments, screenings, gaming, shopping… and of course: meeting fellow fans!



Visit the Antwerp Convention on 26th of April 2015 between 10am and 6pm.


The Antwerp Convention takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. In the Antwerp Expo complex, a venue that has proven its reputation as a great location for the Convention. 

Antwerp Expo
Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191
2020 Antwerpen

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How to reach

By car

  • Coming from Brussels by the E19 motorway: take exit 5a ‘Antwerpen Centrum’ , follow the direction ‘Singel-Zuid’ at the second traffic lights turn left for the Jan van Rijswijcklaan.
  • Coming from Ghent by the E17 motorway: take exit 5 ‘Wilrijk/Berchem’ on the ring road.
  • Coming from Breda, Hasselt or Turnhout: follow the Antwerp ring road, direction Brussels, take exit 5 ‘Wilrijk’, and follow the signs “Antwerp Expo”.

There are free parking spaces around the Antwerp Expo Centre, and there’s paid parking for up to 1.000 cars.

By train

Take the train to Antwerpen Centraal (Antwerp Central Station).
From Antwerpen Centraal, take tram 2 (direction Hoboken) or tram 6 (direction Olympiade).

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By tram

The following lines have stops right in front of the Antwerp Expo entrance:
Tram 2 : Linkeroever-Hoboken
Tram 6 : Luchtbal-Olympiade

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By bus

Stops right in front of the entrance to Antwerp expo:
Bus 25 : UZA Wilrijk-Groenplaats
Bus 26 : Aartselaar – Neerland – Wilrijk – Groenplaats
Bus 27 : Middelheim – Valaar – Centraal Station
Bus 298 : Berchem – Boom
Bus 38 : Merksem – Antwerpen Zuid
Bus 17 : Centraal station – Wilrijk – UZA
Bus 22 : Groenplaats – Valaar – Wilrijk – Bloemenveld

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When are the signing sessions with special guests scheduled?

Unless otherwise stated on our Guests page, the schedules for autograph sessions are both in the morning and the afternoon.

Have all guests been confirmed?

Yes, we’re proud to tell you that all guests have confirmed.

How much do guests charge for autographs?

Guests set their own prices. The majority of guests charge for autographs.

I can’t make it to the show. Can you get autographs for me?

We do not retrieve autographs for fans, nor do we run an autograph-service. If you really want an autograph, you might want to ask someone that will attend the Antwerp Convention.

How can I help promote the Antwerp Convention?

Please send an email and tell us your home address so we can send you promotional material to distribute. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Can I get a poster?

Like every year on the day of the Antwerp Convention there will be  posters available at the bar, free of charge.

Where can I park my car?

The Antwerp Convention offers parking space in front of the Antwerp Expo buildings. You can also park in the immediate neighbourhood of the Antwerp Convention. On Sunday you won’t need to use the parking meters if you park in the street.

How can I reach the Antwerp Convention by train?

Please visit to see the train schedules for Antwerpen.

Can I do other work for the Antwerp Convention besides distributing posters?

Feel free to send us a message with your ideas.

Are animals allowed?

Due to safety regulations (and some complaints) we’re not able to allow animals inside the Antwerp Convention. We strongly believe that a convention is not the ideal environment to walk with dogs, cats or the occasional Tribble.

Can I suggest guests?

Yes, feel free to post the suggestions on our facebook page or by filling in the contact sheet.

I’m working on a project. Can you get me in touch with one of your guests?

Antwerp Convention cannot, and will not, give out any private information about any of our guests

Can I bring a camera or video camera?

Camera's and video equipment are allowed. However, should we receive complaints from the guests, you may be asked to stop filming. Keep in mind that the show attracts a lot of people. Keep personal items on your person.

Can we take pictures of the guests?

Most guests have no objections to get their picture taken, but please be polite and ask for permission first.

Are some guests bringing their own photographs?

Photographs of the guests will be available for autograph sessions, if you like you can also bring in your own material to be signed (DVD’s, photographs, posters,...).

What do guests charge for an autograph?

Most of the guests charge for an autograph. The prices are up to them to decide, all prices are stated clearly at the guest’s table. In case of sketches and drawings, the artists decide how their sketches are handled.

Is there a discount for cosplayers?

Sorry, there isn’t.

When does the registration starts for cosplayers?

From 16/02 true the website of

I’ve sent you an e-mail yesterday, but failed to receive a reply.

We receive lots of e-mail. Our response time can be up to 72 hours, but usually it’s within 36 hours. If you don’t hear from us within 3 days, or if your request is very urgent, feel free to contact us again.


If you have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ-section, fill in this form and we 'll try to answer you as soon as possible. We would kindly like to ask you to read all the information on the website and FAQ section before contacting us. 

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Just click on one of these past flyers to see the program and guests of our 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 edition.

Rules for cosplay weapons

By participating in Antwerp Convention 2015, to be held on April 26th 2015 in Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, Belgium (hereinafter: “Antwerp Convention”), you hereby automatically and unconditionally undertake to abide by the following rules (hereinafter: “the Rules”):

1. Legislation. You undertake to uphold the applicable legislation (national and local) at any given time. Should any contradiction exist between the present Rules and any applicable legislation, the latter will always have precedence.

2. Instructions. Should you receive any instruction and/or request by any public authority representative (policeman, fireman, etc.), by any representative and/or guardian of Antwerp Expo and/or by any crewmember of Antwerp Convention in relation to the weapon(s) you carry, you will immediately comply therewith.

3. Categories. Weapons are divided in three categories:

  • 3.1. Real firearms (even unloaded), neutralized or demilitarized weapons, fire weapons (e.g. flame throwers), weapons created for military use, knives, jack knives, flick knives, knives used for throwing, firearms which don’t look like a weapon (e.g. a firearm hidden in a walking stick), electro shock weapons, knuckledusters, non historical sword sticks, self defense sprays, nunchakus and silencers are hereinafter called: “the Forbidden Weapons”.
  • 3.2. Objects which are clearly meant to be toys for children up to 14 years of age (e.g. a plastic fake gun in bright orange); objects which bear no similarity with real weapons whatsoever (e.g. a light saber from Star Wars, a phaser from Star Trek); swords which are not mentioned in section 3.1. are hereinafter referred to as “the Authorized Weapons”.
  • 3.3. Replica weapons which are no Forbidden Weapons, but which cannot be considered to be an Authorized Weapon (e.g. a firearm which has been properly disabled and which resembles the weapons used in Stargate) can only be used on stage (e.g. as part of the cos’ play competition) or in a closed section of the fan village. They are hereinafter referred to as “the Stage Weapons”.
  • 3.4. Should you have any doubt as to the category your weapon belongs to, please mention this at the cashier’s till where you will be sent to the competent person to help you out. Until this person has told you to which category your weapon belongs, you cannot remove it from its closed package.

4. Use. Different rules apply to each category of weapons:

  • 4.1. It is strictly forbidden to bring any Forbidden Weapon to the Antwerp Convention and/or to use it and/or to expose it. Forbidden Weapons will be seized.
  • 4.2. Authorized Weapons can be carried around inside the Antwerp Expo premises. It is however forbidden to carry Authorized Weapons outside the Antwerp Expo premises. During your transportation to and from the Antwerp Expo premises you always have to carry the Authorized Weapons in a closed package (e.g. a sealed sports bag). It is also strictly forbidden to use the Authorized Weapons in a threatening, menacing or otherwise dangerous way inside or outside Antwerp Expo’s premises. Authorized Weapons which have been abandoned will be seized.
  • 4.3. Stage Weapons can be used on stage as well as in a booth inside the fan village provided this booth is not accessible to the public. You cannot carry them around on the rest of the Antwerp Expo premises however. During your transportation to and from the Antwerp Expo premises you always have to carry the Stage Weapons in a closed package (e.g. a sealed sports bag). When you are not on stage or in a booth in the fan village the Stage Weapons have to be put in a place where they cannot be seen nor accessed by the public. It is also strictly forbidden to use the Stage Weapons in a threatening, menacing or otherwise dangerous way inside or outside Antwerp Expo’s premises. Stage Weapons which have been abandoned will be seized.

5. Racism. It’s forbidden to expose, carry, sell and/or exchange any and all objects which incite racism and/or xenophobia.

6. Measures. Antwerp Convention reserves itself the right to take any and all measures which would be required to guarantee the public safety, including but not limited to seizing any weapons which would be used in violation of the present Rules.